Imagine a concert platform where

Fan Relationships

are effortless

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Where the most



and memorable




Design a Nymbus Smart Concert

(In three simple steps)


Design an authentic experience

Design interactive, audience-wide light shows before the tour. Cue in real-time during the show.

Design cue stacks using standard lighting design protocol for easy light board integration.

The Nymbus Platform is patented under US Patent No. 10,681,198 B2 with additional patents pending.

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Invite Your Fans to Connect

Give fans a free LED bracelet as they enter the venue. A tag on the bracelet prompts activation with a free artist or sponsor mobile app download.

94% of millennials want to download a mobile app to activate a free LED wristband.

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#breakTheInternet with fan influencers

Cue audience-wide interactive light shows in sync with the show. Simultaneously, increase your social media engagement by up to 350% with our patent pending clap-to-post technology.

Just tell the audience to "Put your hands together" while their bracelets are glowing. Then watch your social engagement explode as concert-exclusive content posts to every fan's feed. #SmartConcerts

The Smart Concert App Experience

(Direct-to-Fan Relationships)

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Own the data. Own the relationship.

A concert experience optimized for:

  • Fan Club Signups
  • Social Media Follows
  • Video Views

Increase your merchandise sales

Mobile commerce now accounts for 60% of web traffic. Smart coupons increase 77% of sales by $10-$50. And 63% of fans want an in-app merch table.

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Don’t risk superfan relationships on social networks. Long-term relationships are maintained with personal messages.

Fans open push notifications about 25-60% more frequently than email, giving you a personal access channel to your most valuable fans.

The Life-long Value of Smart Concerts


Increase in Fan Influencer & Social Media Marketing


Increase in Merchandise & Sponsorship


Increase in Mobile App Installs


Projected Value Increase For A Tour To 100k Fans

Contact us to learn more about value of Smart Concerts.

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